EQ 500


Category: Injicerbare steroider
Package: 10 ml hætteglas (500 mg/ml)
Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)

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EQ 500 or Equipoise – anabolic and androgenic steroid, giving
qualitative increase in weight and strength in athletes. Today, the drug is very popular in the market of sports pharmacology, being as powerful as Testosterone, while having half the androgenic activity.

Low toxicity to the liver, minimal conversion to estrogens, and low progestogen activity make the drug truly safe, but effective.


  • The athlete does not receive the most intensive, but very high-quality increase in.
  • The predominantly “dry” part of the musculature.
  • Fatty tissue is oxidized and venous penetration is formed.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Athlete’s power data is multiplied.
  • By increasing the oxygen capacity of the blood also increases endurance.
  • Minimal conversion to estrogen and toxic effects on the liver.
  • May be recommended to beginners for the “first” cycle.
  • When applied correctly, it is tolerated by most athletes without complications.
  • Experienced athletes notice that boldenone is able to inhibit the aromatization of shared AAC.

Application and dosage

Since the drug is “gaining momentum” for quite a long time, the optimal cycle duration is on average 8-10 weeks. On longer cycles, the use of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is required. Injections are performed once a week in the dosage range of 400-800 mg. The use of aromatase inhibitors (letrozole, anastrozole and others) is not required.

Post cycle therapy

For PCT, you can use traditional Clomid (50-50-25 mg per day for 1-2-3rd weeks) and Tamoxifen (30-20-10 mg per day for the first or second or third weeks). It should begin 10–14 days after the final injection and continue for 3 weeks.

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