Category: Anti-østrogener
Package: 2.5mg (50 piller)
Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma
Substance: Letrozole

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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma

Category: PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

Substance: Letrozole

Package: 30 Letrozole tablets 2.5 mg

Letromina – Letrozole by Alpha Pharma. A solid product to help you on or post cycle even during contest prep, very popular in Bodybuilding circuits as it helps you minimize possible side effects.

Letrozole carries with it many benefits that may aid the individual in HRT, TRT, a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan, as well as during the actual cycle process itself in the name of side-effect prevention. Further, Letrozole also brings about another benefit revolving around physique conditioning and this can be and is often very important to many competitive bodybuilders during their contest prep time. Without question Letrozole’s primary beneficial role is during the actual anabolic steroid cycle itself to help prevent or minismise potentially unwanted side effects.

As an on-cycle side-effect preventer most will find a dosing of 0.5-1mg every other day to be optimal and generally all the Letrozole they need to get the job done. For the individual who has a Gynecomastia flare up, in order to combat this problem, Letrozole may be able to reverse the symptoms if it is caught early enough. In this case a dose of 2.5mg per day for approximately 2-3 weeks may be appropriate; however, once the symptoms clear you will need to cut back to a more standard 1mg per day dose in order to remain in healthy working function.

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